Getting Ready For Preschool

Here’s a crash course to help your child get ready for that next big adventure, so they can do well in preschool and beyond.

Did you know that you can help your child start getting ready for preschool even before they ever even step foot in a classroom?

Starting preschool is a big change, both for your little one and yourself. For many, going into preschool is the first time that their child is going to be away from home and their parents for hours at a time! It’s exciting, but it can also be scary. Luckily, you can help your child get ready for preschool long before class starts. The best part is, you’re probably already teaching your child many of these skills already!

Visit your Preschool if possible

Preschool is exciting, but it can also be scary for your child. If their preschool allows it, set up a time for you and your child to visit the school and meet their teacher. This can make the change a little easier and get your kids excited about it, instead of scared. It can also help make you feel less anxious about where your child will be spending hours of their week.

Introduce them to ABCs and 123s

The alphabet and numbers are important skills that your child will be learning during preschool. It might be a good idea to give them a head start and teach them before school begins. Listen to the songs and have them sing along with you or the recording so that they can start learning early. You can also start slowly showing your child what each letter in the alphabet looks like.

Talk about Shapes and Colors

Learning about shapes and colors is another important part of many preschool classes. You can start showing your kids the different shapes and colors before school starts so they can get more comfortable with the basics.

Make these a game instead of a lesson so that they can have fun and pay more attention while they’re learning. For example, have them sort out their toys based on colors, or have them collect different items in your house and group them based on their shapes. This is a great way to play with your child while teaching them something new!

Practice Independence

One of the biggest changes that come with preschool is that your child is going to be without you by their side to help during the day, maybe for the first time ever. Help teach them some independent self-help skills like:

  • Putting on their own clothes, jackets, and shoes
  • Washing their hands after using the bathroom
  • Perfecting their potty training skills

Finally, if you see a chance for your child to do something on their own and without your help, let them do it solo (with your supervision, of course!).  This will help them feel more confident about doing things alone, which can make going into preschool more comfortable.

Read Books Together about Preschool

Sometimes, the best way to teach your child new ideas is to read them stories about it. Visit your local library or favorite bookstore and look for picture books that talk about preschool. This can help them understand what is going to be happening when they start going to school.

Work on their Pencil-Holding Techniques.

Your child will probably learn to hold markers, pens, pencils, and crayons during school. Teach them the ropes by drawing at home. Let them scribble their own works of art on paper or work on drawing lines and shapes so that they can start working on their pencil-holding skills. You can even have them trace out their own names or short words so that they can start learning the skills they’ll need to later learn how to write on their own!

You can also do this with other tools they’ll be using in the classroom like scissors and gluesticks. Have crafty paper activities around the house so that they can get the hang of using these tools in time for school.

Teach them about Sharing and Playing Nicely with others

When they start preschool, your child will be in a classroom with many other children their own age. Help them practice basic social skills before school starts like sharing toys and letting others speak to help make the classroom situation a nicer place for everyone. Also, teach them important social skills like sharing and playing nicely with others. This will make it easier for them to transition when school starts and they’re with their new friends.

Work on their Communication Skills

Since you won’t be there to help your child tell others what they need, it’s a good idea to teach them how to communicate well with others before starting. Teach them how to tell others what they’re feeling, and how to ask for help when they need it. This will help them feel more comfortable speaking up when they need something when they’re with their teachers and classmates.

Play-act what goes on in a Classroom

Finally, try using play to show your kids the ropes of preschool and get them used to the idea. For example, let them pretend to be a student in preschool while you play a teacher. Then, play-act some of the things that they’ll do during a school day like sitting quietly when the teacher asks, or doing games and activities. Then, flip the script and have them act as the teacher!


Entering preschool is exciting, but it can also be a big transition. By helping your child practice some of their communication and basic skills before school starts, you can help make this scary milestone a little easier for you and your little one; not to mention way more fun!