Feeding Tips

Toddler eating from a spoon

Nutritional needs and appetites change as children grow and develop.

A one-year-old child may show a decreased appetite and may show resistance to eating at mealtimes. Your child’s growth rate slows during this stage of development, and their nutritional needs change accordingly. The typical one-year-old needs approximately 1000 daily calories spread across three meals and two snacks. Encourage your child to eat at mealtimes, but do not pressure them. Make sure everything your child eats is mashed or cut into small pieces to avoid choking.

At two years, your child can eat the same healthy foods as the rest of the family. They should get three meals and one or two snacks per day. Begin developing healthy eating habits by making wise choices in food, eating together as a family, and making mealtime an enjoyable experience rather than a battle. For more tips on feeding your toddler, visit the websites below.